Head Lamp

I usually don’t take my car to work because I do not see very well at night and so cannot drive back.

My cousin used the car yesterday and offered to pick me up after work so I decided to stay back to finish up on my work and did not close till about 10pm.

By the time we were about to set off, the head lamps refused to come up. Every other thing in the car was fine but we could not see. It was simply too dangerous to go all the way home (home by the way is ajah* ). After several attempts we had to park the car and go take a cab and did not get home until 11.30pm- all tired and cranky!

I  was still thinking about the unhappy experience this morning when a lesson I could learn from the experience came to mind…

The car is like the ambitions we all have, we know where we want to go and how to get there and all that and feel as far as we have bought fuel, serviced the car ( which equals getting good education, the right job) we are good to go. The truth of the matter is that a small (and seemingly inconsequential) issue like the burnt headlamp, a nail in the tyre,dry radiator can affect your journey and either delay or stop it altogether…

As a believer, I  wish to liken my headlamp to the Holy spirit. He gives guidance and shows the way ( just like the headlamp) He is that small part that you usually do not take cognizance of until his presence is missing. I guess I could still have made that journey without it but it would have been tantamount to groping in the dark and depending on my previous knowledge of the road that leads to my house.


For many of us we drive the cars of our lives (ambitions, dreams) without our headlamps on (Holy spirit) and have resorted to driving slowly in the dark ( doing things on our own in our own way).chances are :

1. we will get home safely but hours behind time

2. have an accident on the way and never get there.

Is your “headlamp” down and out today ?

Fix it…


* Ajah – About 30km from the Lagos Island but because of bad road and traffic congestion you could spend hours making the 30km trip




I titled my first post as seen because you will get to see it a lot in days to come.

It’s just my own short way of saying what’s up?

My major drive/ passion in life is to see people better themselves and improve other people in the process thereby creating a chain.

I believe there is no one way to improve the life of people.so we will be sharing about entrepreneurship, living & loving,faith and my experiences in general.

that is why I have named this Heart beat – because that is what we will be doing …

taking a pause to feel the pulse…