Hi y’all,

I feel like talking about love this morning. Been feeling like it for a few days now but didn’t want to just start-up a topic for the fun of it.

I was thinking about life and love and the Joys,pains and responsibilities it brings. This time around I am not going to close on the topic,May I ask your permission to share the thoughts and questions I have asked myself the past few days…? Thank you!

Have you ever been in Love? what was it like? those are the questions I have asked my friends in the past two days. I have been, so I can  say it is a great …thing.

Have you been with a person and over time as friends, you begin to think you cannot spend the rest of your life without the person… Is that love? or hope? or fantasy

A young lady who had her relationship broken a week to the wedding said this” Loving someone is a difficult thing, it is impossible to love someone and keep your pride.Only the people we love can break our hearts and only God can make it better again…”

Is it possible for two people to really and genuinely love each other and not be able to end up together?

Is Love that first wild almost uncontrollable feeling that makes you want to be with the other person forever…?

or is it that decision to stand by the person come what may, in the face of trials and all imaginable opposition? …

or is it giving up on your power of choice and listening to the voice that says “my son, my son, behold your wife”

Why does your heart thud when you are with that person you like?

Why does it hurt so much when the person wrongs you?

I know people who have never said those three words we all know because they attach so much to it and somehow end up now losing the person they really love. So what exactly does it mean when I say “I love you”?

I always used to say Love is not a feeling… it’s a decision but somewhere deep down I think I want to be  able to ‘feel’ something for the person I ‘decide’ to spend the rest of my life with…

I have heard different definitions of Love and its sad when you hear of the best love stories having messy endings. I usually can’t help asking ‘where did the love go to?’

People have had different experiences and I have learnt a lot from them. but the questions in my heart haven’t abated so I am asking you my dear friends…

what on earth is this thing called love?