Loyalty.. Gods Love..or just in between?

Loyalty Was Birthed To Protect Another’s Innocence, Never To Keep Secret Their Sin.

Proverbs. 28:23 (NKJV)

“He who rebukes a man will find more favor afterward Than he who flatters with the tongue.”

Many people have become masters at avoiding or distorting the truth because they refuse to confront others over their sin. It seems as though many Christians play a game with each other.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “There is honor among thieves.” Well, there is a “false honor” among Christians as well. It’s an unspoken understanding that says, “We’re not going to discuss the real issues. And, as long as all of us do not discuss the real issues, the real issues don’t exist.” But that is definitely not true those issues do exist.Many times we fool ourselves and call it walking in love, not realizing we are consenting to another’s death. Don’t hide someone else’s sin in the name of loyalty.

 Confront their sin and help them walk free from the chains that bind them!!!

I know there are different schools of thought to this matter… some will stay ‘loyal’ and rather not say anything… some will hide behind the ‘Gods love’ theory and finish the individual and some will just stay in between!!!

Is there a wrong or right way to correct someone?


I had better let you know that  :

I am Born again… and not ashamed to say;

I believe in love;

I believe in respect for all men;

I believe fear is a disease ( if you want it, you go get it);

I believe all men are not born equals..but are equal in the eyes of God;

I believe in mercy;

I believe death is only a door- if there is no beginning, there will be no end;

I believe the devil is a loser;

I believe there is evil …and that good comes to all men;

I believe silence has a beautiful voice… and i believe in the power of the outspoken word;

I believe in the sanity and sanctity of sex after marriage;

I believe in living, loving and helping others live;

I believe in the Holy spirit;

I believe in God…and that Jesus is his son!

…Thats what makes me who i am.

Youwhat do you believe?

Desire.. (2)

funmi1.jpg“I bargained with life for a penny and life would pay no more, however, I begged at evening when I counted my scanty store. For life is a just employer, he gives you what you ask,but once you’ve set the wages, why? you must bear the task. I worked for a menial’s hire, only to learn dismayed, that any wage I had asked of life, life would have willingly paid…  Desire!!!”  

 I got that quote off a friends blog and it set me thinking… any wage i asked of life, life would have willingly paid! Hmmm… thinking about it gave me different standpoints on the issue:

1. it is very true that a lot of people shortchange themselves in what they can get from life. they underutilize the resources and talents that God has given them. they aim for less (trying to play safe) in their search for jobs and opportunities (u never know until you try..) when it comes to relationships, they settle for less (am not despising the days of humble beginnings oh!) and get caged with some lady/guy with no dream, vision or prospect (those carry more weight than bank accounts this days)

2. It is also true that  scripture says Godliness with CONTENTMENT is great gain. shouldnt contentment be a job that can feed you and put a roof over your head and give you plenty of time to serve the God that has kept u alive? Instead of what we find today with people working 14-15 hours a day in a company trying to earn more and more (desire) and doing all sorts in the process – and then end up not having any time for the God who gave the job (abi he didnt give the job sef) in the first place… (consultants watch out!!!)

I have been thinking about it so much in the past few days, my brain brimming over with prayer points and different plans and things i want (desire) and i cant help but ask myself in the sincerity of my heart: HOW DO I KNOW WHEN I CROSS THE LINE BETWEEN CONTENTMENT AND MORE DESIRE that leads to greed?

Dont get it twisted, most of the good things i have in life is because i dared to want it… and i got it (u can be sure i will dare to want that godly man, the brand new car (my next car) and … (will update  the list soon)

 but seriously, one should really give it some thought oh… the way we live our lives these days… everyone in a massive rat race for want of more, and more possessions… you begin to wonder if that is all God placed us here for(considering the fact that we barely have time for him talkless of the huge unsaved lot out there…

well, this is a little more than food for thought, but i will like us to think about it and let me know what you think. we need to step back once in a while and assess where we are – else one day we will wake up to the rude shock that we are so far away from the beautiful spring where we once were …and are now in a desert of self without his Spirit. (SElah)


picture-020.jpgMy birthday pic as promised… ( my colleagues thought to make me enjoy my day so we went out after work… and yours sincerly ended the day quite happy as you can see from the wide smile in the pic)

May i also wish Refinedone a very happy birthday and most fulfilling new year.

Will be back on monday with a topic i have been pondering on for a while…

Love- By Yinka

yinka__ij_6.jpgI want to tell you about someone in my life that I love so much But before I continue… I need to confess one thing..I never really liked him at some point…I didn’t hate him, but I was SO indifferent.. It didn’t matter to me whether he existed or not,

Then something happened to me one day..Someone told me some things about myself that were not right, and how I needed to change,And how I needed to turn over my life to this person…My Life…MY OWN LIFE!

Can you beat that? I didn’t find it funny at all..Why and how could I just not be in control of my life? Afterall, it was mine, wasn’t it?I thought about it, and after a while, I felt, well…It won’t cost me anything to be closer to this much talked about person,… Infact.., I started liking the idea, because I was getting a bit bored, and I wanted something different.Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing adventurous about me, not at all..But then, I thought about doing something different..What was I telling you about, by the way? Oh yes, about this man I love..When I say, I love him, I mean it exactly the way it sounds, I really do love Him..But I want to make something clear, I didn’t start loving him when I decided I wanted something different…Infact, I didn’t even realize that I needed to love Him, at first..I thought it would be okay to just do what he wants (or, well…at least try to do what He wants…at least, I’m only human, I can’t always do it right, abi?)

But years later, I realized I had gotten it all wrong…all very wrong..And then I discovered what was missing…I didn’t love Him the way I should..Have you ever been in love? Yes?Then I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m talking about…You know how you want to be with the person you love, talk to her, make her happy etc etc…I realized that I didn’t feel all that for this person I’m talking about, and it made it so burdensome..(Letting someone you don’t love have control of your life is not an interesting thing to do, I can assure you…)

Until one day..I fell in love with Him,…Now, don’t ask me how it happened, because I honestly can’t even explain it (I have an idea, though..)Things changed for me from that day onwards,Love turned my life around..I began to appreciate Him as a person, as my friend, my confidant, my love, and I always want to please Him (not that I don’t still have my struggles oh.., but I find it easier now to rely on Him and trust Him to help me with my weaknesses..)

And then I realized one simple truth..Do you want me to share it with you?Okay, I will..You can never really love someone truly until you have experienced this love I’m talking about..I know you don’t agree with me.. Infact, I can see you shake your head…(Sigh..)I would have been shocked if you agreed with me…You know why?Because then, it would have seemed so easy..Am I still making sense? Okay, let me try and be a bit more explicit..I’m talking about the Love explained in I Corinthians 13

This type of love is God’s own type of love that comes from knowing Christ..That doesn’t mean people that are not born again do not love… they do…But God’s original idea of love is the type of love that made Him sacrifice His only begotten son..The type of love that made the son willing to give Himself up..It is this same type of love that we need to have before we can REALLY surrender it all to Him..Without this love…forget it…It cannot work..

But then, I want to ask a question at this point..Why would I be ready to go an extra mile for someone I love, and yet I can’t give it all to someone who died for me…I mean…He loved me (the same way I claim to love someone else) and gave it all for me, but yet I can’t do the same..Have you ever loved someone and the person couldn’t just return your love? How did it feel?Can you imagine a little of what this person I’m talking about is going through right now, just because I either don’t want to return the love, or maybe I can’t feel the love..You can’t feel the love? Is that it?Then its easy..

Remember that He died, while we were yet sinners, so He knows that the love may not come easy, so He has promised that if only we come to Him, He’ll HELP us to love Him…Or…I don’t want to return the love, because I think I’m not ready..?

Then guess what? For every minute that I reject His love, I break his heart, and I’m nailing Him to the cross all over again, and again, and again…and yet again…How sad! (Sigh)And then I begin to wonder…Can my celebration of love be really complete, when I have not been able to return the love of the person that died for me, this person that loves me so much…

I need to get back to work…I just felt like sharing my love story with you..But before I forget…

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!                                                                                     

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my birthday oHHH… and it is a mixture of many things

I felt a little sobber just before 12am. its the first time in my whole life that i would be spending my birthday away from everyne i love and that love me too…

Even when i was in the Uni, my parents would send my younger bro to school with all the gifts and cards from everymember of the family…

When i started working and moved out, the routine continued… In my family, birthdays are always grand events. (there is always so much excitement long before the day. nobody forgets birthdays…) for that one day, you are made to feel like the world revolves around you…

The best kind of birthdays are the types that happen when you are home… my dad would make sure the whole family would be present the night before. then, around 5am on the D-day, they (mum, dad, two siblings) will enter your room in a straight line. start singing happy birthday till you wake up. then, each person( starting from daddy) will present their gifts and cards (which you are expected to open with ooh’s and ah’s), when all that is done, they will all sit around your bed and pray with you…

Last nite was different (the first diff type in my whole life). i was in my hotel room in abuja (place that has been home for the past 5 months) and i missed home. i felt so lonely and … my bro wasnt in the country, my lil sis was in school writing her exams..only mum and dad were home in lagos and they had already called. 

one of my colleagues teased me and said my next milestone bday would be my 3oth and i felt really old… (sorry to those of u already 30 and above)

Enough of my sob story, i am at work now, and i feel much berra ( i have got an M.Sc in emotions management).

I will upload some of the pics i intend to take later in the day or 2moro

Thanks to @refinedone for my first happy bday msg on the blog

Takia y’all