Hi People,

Long time… am very Sorry for my absence (or is it silence?) for so long. Part of it has been because I have been so busy at work and the other part is because I was waiting for an answer to the questions I asked in my last post…

I got a huge chunk of the answers through Wole’s comment yesterday and i suggest you all pay that Post a visit and check out Wole’s comment.

I have been wanting to talk about success for a while now. This topic started giving me sleepless nights after a certain occurence a few weeks ago

I was at work when we got the very sad news that we had lost a colleague to a car accident. Everyone was crushed and very sad. I was particularly sad because I just saw him in the office the week before and it was his birthday and I remember teasing him that he had to celebrate it for me and he promised that he would do that the next time I was in the office… if only we knew that was never going to happen!

I was however very shocked when less than three minutes after the news, everyone was back to their jolly selves with all the laughing, teasing and hard work! this was a place where the man had spent almost every waking moment of the past decade working and slaving and all it took was less than 120 seconds of sorrow and it was back to life as usual- the memory of a decade…. gone

Then, I started to ask myself…what do I want to leave behind after I am gone?

I am certain i don’t want to be a memory that will last 2 minutes and then be gone forever. For me Success is not the good job, fine car, great relationship i have – those things will be gone the moment my last breath leaves me… its what I can leave behind that matters.

Dear Friends, I have been doing a lot of deep thinking and I have asked myself a lot of questions… about my life and my future (with or without me in it)

I made some decisions that have steered me in what I believe is the right direction. I would like to share them with you…

take a day away as a personal retreat to meditate on what is really important to you

make a list of what you would like to achieve (that you want to be remembered for)

read a biography of someone you consider to be a success

get together with friends and talk about your hopes, dreams and goals

Start to act now!!!

Your suggestions and comments will be appreciated…

In the meantime, take good care and remember… while you are alive, this life is yours to live…determine what will be said about you!!!

God Bless you