Can God be Silent?

This is in response to the question asked by Theodore in the last post. I wasn’t sure how exactly to respond and I asked – we never have all the answers, do we?, well this is a response I got from a dear friend and after reading it, I concluded it wasn’t good for theodore alone (*wink*)…

I hope you will be as blessed as i was!

Why is God always Silent – By Sina

“God is too varied in His dealings with each of us to put Him in a box and sometimes it’s easy to fall into the same trap as Job’s friends who thought they were defending God but had no idea of his peculiar dealings with Job.

Theodore said God is tooooooo silent most times. I tend to agree with the ‘tooooooooo’ bit but not the ‘most times’ bit (Again, I only speak for myself; His dealings with Theodore may be different). 

All exceptions and limitations noted, this is what I think (in summary):

1         God is always talking to us – sometimes we hear, sometimes we don’t (maybe because we’ve fixed our gaze/ears in one direction)I can’t count the many times I’ve asked for specific direction about something, waited and waited and nothing… but looking back a few months/years down the line, I see that He had actually spoken… I just didn’t hear Him. 

2        God can’t violate His Word; so irrespective of His peculiar dealings with each of us, some promises remain true –   I’ll counsel you and watch over you; I’ll show you the way that you should go; acknowledge me in all your ways and I’ll direct your steps…,  etc. 

3          This draws from (2) above – what I think is most important is ‘direction’ from Him.  As long as I know that God is directing my steps (like He promised), then, I don’t necessarily have to kill myself  when I feel I dont hear from him (even though I’d love to – especially on the ‘what do I do?’ issues). 

4          I believe a good indication of how much God trusts the depth and sincerity of your faith in Him is how much He allows you to “walk in the dark”, knowing that you will not turn back.  

       The ‘lambs’-  He (breast)feeds, cuddles, and generally handles with great care but the more mature ‘sheep’ He takes care of; sometimes from afar (not less love and attention but less hand-holding).

       He allows them to roam within the set boundaries of the sheep pen, His eyes always watching; ready to act if the sheep transgresses or a thief approaches.

       Sometimes, He does ‘feed’ a ‘sheep’ just like a ‘lamb’ (John 21:15-17).”

That is one  answer to the question —

 Let me know what you think…




Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you will recover your real life. Walk with me and work with me – learn the unforced rhythms of grace          Mathew 11:28-29 (The Message)

 In the busy rush of the modern world, you are constantly bombarded with noise. Your daily life is filled with the hums of machines and man made technology- You swim in a sea of sound and distractions. The radio is on as you drive to work, or the television absorbs your attention when you come home tired from a busy day.

You need to take time for silence, to get away for a quiet time with God and to listen to what he has to say to you

God wants to speak to you in the silence of your heart. Remember Martha and Mary?  Martha was concerned with the tasks of hospitality. Just like Martha, its easy to feel that you are too busy to set aside time to be quiet with God.

But Jesus told Martha, “Mary has chosen the better part”

You do not have to neglect the necessities of life to be silent before God. You can create a few minutes in the midst of a busy day. Five/ Ten minutes can refresh you and empower you to tackle the tasks of the day with more grace

The next time you are ironing, turn off the TV or radio and use the ironing as an accompaniment to prayer and meditation. If you are washing dishes, be quiet before God. Retreat to a park, garden, your car or rest room at lunch break for a few minutes of silence and contemplation.

Drive to work with the tape player off…

Create small moments of silence in your day and you will discover that you need not make a weeklong retreat to enjoy the sweetness of peace and quiet

Sometimes life is so busy… Parents of small children often wonder when they will get a moment of quiet between family and work. When the children are napping, set aside a few minutes and renew your spirit with rest before you go back to the tasks of the day.

Clear a space on your schedule for a longer silent time. Set aside a day for quiet reflections or a weekend for a silent retreat.

God wants to renew your spirit. Silence is nutrient for the spirit. Allow silence to wrap around you like a protecting cloak, giving you room to breathe, time to think and space for your spirit to expand…


This should be your ambition: to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands.

            – 1 Thessalonians 4: 11 (NLT)

Have a blessed day!