I was at the bus stop…If the bus didn’t come in another minute, I was going to be late for lectures. (And that was going to be bad!) 

I found myself silently praying for God to make the driver faster so he could get to me on time. Thankfully, the bus arrived and I scrambled in.

Just as I got in, an old woman behind me stopped by the driver’s window and said “hello, how are you doing?”

I didn’t hear the drivers’ response but I was really surprised at the exchange. 

It was at that point that it occurred to me that I got on the bus to and fro school everyday for the past five weeks and I had no idea what the driver looked like…

(Male, female, black, white, fat, thin, sad /smiley face) I had no idea – I always just got on the bus, showed the driver my bus pass without actually ever looking at his/her face.


When I got home, I shared my experience with my flatmate and she surprised me further by saying she knew most of the drivers that plied our route and their different shifts.

When I showed surprise, she said “I see them everyday, they get me where I am going, how can I possibly not recognise them?” 

I need not explain how bad I felt – not just because of the bus driver, but because of something else I learnt that day…

Most of the time, our relationship with God is like mine with the bus driver(s).

 I couldn’t be bothered as far as they got me where I was going. Most of us see God as a means to an end

…. The “Big guy” that gets things done –gets us a new job, car, heals our sick, makes us very rich (how could I forget that!) …

He is like the bus driver, we only remember him when we need him!. There is no personal relationship at all, just a contract…

“I will be good (no drinking, smoking, killing, womanising) and you answer all my prayers” kind off contract.

Some of us are prayer warriors – but are we sure it’s not because we happen to have many needs?

 I have now improved my on my behaviour to the bus driver. I say “hello” when I get on and smile or say “bye/thanks” when  I get off… they are not just “tools” driving me to school anymore… they are real people to me now. 


Food for thought: 

Can you change God from being the “big guy/ bus driver” to a real person in your life?