12 Months of Thanksgiving…The Praise walk

images1.jpgIt was a freezing -2 degrees as I walked up the road to my house that night.

I passed by a car and saw my reflection – what I saw was a school girl, carrying a backpack and clad like an Eskimo …

I shook my head as i remembered the good Ole days in Nigeria when I was a “big girl”.

 I started feeling sorry for myself and was slinking into a “Na wa for this life” mood when He spoke…

“why do you always see your cup as half empty rather than half full?…at this rate you will wake up one day and find out you will never lived your life because you never stopped for once at any phase to learn what you were there for. you have what some can only dream for but you cant stop dreaming about what others have…”

It was a long scolding and at the end i was very sober…but I also had a new instruction I had to follow.

I was to embark on what i later called 15 days praise walk!

I was challenged to start my day with a 15 min prayer walk around my neighbourhood and just thank God for the different  things He had done for me i.e. one topic/area of my life(family, friends, career, relationship…etc) per day.

I was to do this for the next 15 days and not make one single prayer request!!!

…Today is DAY 12 and I must say it has been a beautiful experience.

There have been days when I have had tears stream down my face as I explored certain aspects of my life and REALISED how faithful God had been to me….

There has also been days when i would remember some other “close shaves” I have had and I couldn’t resist doing a “komole” dance style for papa God right there on the road!

Above all, its been a challenge I am glad I accepted. It has helped me take a step back and really SEE all God has done in my life

…plus I can’t believe I could go 12 days without a prayer request! (hmm, on that one, i used nja sense  and transferred all my requests to my friend and asked my friend to pray for me)

So friends, I “tag” you to take up this challenge.  Do It!

15mins for 15 days spread the word! encourage your family and friends to all try it!!

..and lets exit this year in a “GRAND PRAISE” STYLE  !!!