suresh-motivator27140451.jpgWithout opening my eyes, I knew it was morning…

I could feel the shy rays of light pushing its way into the day…into my room

but i couldn’t open my eyes , something was missing…so i lay there.

45mins later, i finally opened my eyes and picked up my phone – no text message

I sighed and closed my eyes again.

another hour passed by before i dragged myself out of bed. I was now two hours behind my plan for the day. 

 My sms had not come in and i was feeling miserable.

My friend Tosin, had started sending me text messages about two months ago. It started as a morning prayer and an encouragment for the day. He would usually send the sms on his way to work – and because he left for work very early, his sms became my morning alarm. Over time, i got used to waking up to the sound of my phone announcing the sms.

What better way to start your day than to wake up to  a lovely sms before getting out of bed.

On this morning, no sms came in. – Tosin had travelled out of town the day before and could not send me my morning sms. All through the day, i felt like there was something missing from my day, like i was driving at night without headlights…

The next morning, i was on my bed… this time the sms came in a few minutes after i woke up (Tosin got back the night before). I smiled in relief as i opened my eyes to reach out for my phone  – and that was when He spoke…

” Funmi, do u know it would be nice if you could be this consistent and sold out to speaking with me every morning?” 

I groaned, but you know i try… plus, this is different

“how is this any different? … it would be very great if i could depend on you to be here to commune with me every morning the way Tosin can almost bet that you wont be able to get out of bed if his sms doesnt grace your phone… Its not just about your morning prayer, how much of our communion do you carry into the day with you?…How exposed to the day would you feel if u were to miss a morning of communion?…”

I felt quite ashamed at the end of our small chat.. But then thats what my relationship with the Father is all about.

 I learn daily… One step forward, two steps back, 10 forward, pause …(until i am jolted ) and then i move again

Since that day, my song has been if your presence doesnt go with me, Lord i dont want to leave this place… its a much slower journey but its more satisfying.

There is nothing like stepping into a new day with God and spending the day hand in hand with Him.

He is a Faithful and Consistent God… how much of a dependable child are you?

New Beginnings

Hello Guys,

Happy  new year… and Congrats for being part of the army to step into 2008!

I hope that in this year we will be able to share more of the essence of living and loving… and helping others live.

I hope i will blog more often… and you will visit and comment more often

I hope you will have cause to be joyful in this year

I hope you will know more of God

… I hope this world will know more of His message that u bring through your daily life…

…I hope for many things  and I know I may not be able to get them all done

buts its worse not to hope for anything at all

SO my friends, I dare you to Hope…

Welcome to 2008!!!