Its your Life…

It’s been ages. Three months I have been away but it feels like a lifetime ago that I last blogged here on ‘Truth’.


Looking back now, it may not be a lifetime in terms of your calendar month but it has been a lifetime of experiences…

I got married to a wonderful and loving man in July and I guess the sheer and overwhelming joy of that experience got me so lazy that I couldn’t write or even think of writing anything.

 Then in August I realised that I had to put the ‘honeymoon’ feeling on hold and focus on trying to complete my MBA thesis. I threw my whole being into getting it done on time and barely had time for anything else.

Towards the end of august, Hubby (feels nice to be able to say that…) suggested that I should start checking out different vacancies to see if I would find one that could be potentially interesting for my career. At that point, I was not really keen as I was under immense pressure from writing the dissertation and I just wanted to complete it and get back to blogging and enjoying married life before plunging into the world of waking up early, going to work, traffic and so on. In all fairness to him, I had complained that I was worried about having to go through any serious job hunting after graduating.

Anyway, so I sent out my CV to a couple of companies one Monday morning and got a call a few hours later to come for an interview. To cut it short, by Friday afternoon, I had a fantastic job offer!!!

I have to admit I was extremely thrilled and excited at the prospect of working again after taking time of to go for my Masters, but then out of the window went all my plans to take time after submitting my dissertation to update my blog, finish up on my book project, and generally have plenty fun.

I submitted my dissertation on a Friday in the middle of September and started work the following Monday. Since then, it’s been a roller coaster ride with barely enough time to catch my breath on weekends!

I was finally caught in my tracks over the weekend when I tried to review the last few months and I found that I hadn’t done the thing I love doing most for over three months and I didn’t feel it (well, maybe an occasional feeling of guilt every now and then ).


Thinking about it now, I realise that it is very easy for your whole life to pass in what seems like a blur without you being able to do the things you really want to and love doing! If I hadn’t taken the assessment check of my life of the last couple of months, the year would have probably rolled by without me really noticing that I hadn’t blogged in a long long time and then by next year blogging may have become past history.


Even though I am very grateful for the life I have right now, I will not rest, get lazy and let my real purpose for life just fly by…and the buns are not yet in the oven oh! How much more when the kids start rolling in?

So I have decided that things I cannot control (like time I spend at work, taking care of the home etc) will be given normal and proper attention but every spare time that is within my control will be put to good use.

Right now, I am on a train travelling for yet another business meeting but I am putting my time to better use by updating my blog – something I somehow could not find the time to do over the last three months!


That is it dear friends, lets live better because as long as there is night and day, responsibilities will always increase and there will always be new challenges and not once will the number of hours in a day exceed 24.

So take charge and make the most of your day… and life!!!