Help!!! I am a mum…

Help! …I am a mum

Help!!! I am a mum…

Sounds like a battle cry for help. For some people you see that phrase and probably think,

“that’s exactly how I feel sometimes‘ all the time’

Someone else reading this is probably a perfect tiger mum with perfect little children and you are thinking,

‘Nah, for me the caption should read ‘Great!!! I am a mum’… Always 🙂

Or maybe you are in a third foggier category and you are thinking

‘… err whatever..’

We can probably relate to being in one of those categories at some point or the other. The challenge is when we then get stuck in one category for too long or forever. It then becomes a Condition… I have labelled them:

Option 1 – Addiction to Helplessnes
Option 2  – Addiction to Self confidence
Option 3 – Addiction to Complacence
I have chosen to add Addiction to describe…

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