‘D’ is for Died…

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Help! …I am a mum

It was one of those mornings that hadn’t started off on quite right; slept badly ( because my 22 month old kept waking up and crying in the other room); woke up late and worse for wear and now already late for school drop off as I made my already bad driving worse, navigating too quickly between annoyingly tight rows of double parked cars ( that is a topic for another day)…

Where was I? Yes, so its one of those days, I am late for school drop off which means I get one of those ‘naughty mummy’ looks from his very proper teacher and I am not happy because it means I will be latestay-at-home-mom-200x200 for work as well. I am thinking about how to get a head start on my already busy work day by mentally creating to do lists and considering making a quick ‘handsfree’

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